It all starts with introspective people who have bold dreams.

Introspection is the act of asking yourself, at a healthy frequency, “how am I doing?”, “what’s going well?”, “what isn’t going well?”.

An introspective person without a dream won’t know what to be introspective for, but won’t be able to stop being introspective either. If you constantly ask yourself whether you’re doing well, but you don’t have a dream or direction, you will feel lost.

Learning is not the opposite of knowing. Learning is the opposite of feeling lost, and it always starts with a dream.

What is your dream now?

Most people lie to themselves about their competence. You must not.

Competence, in this modern age, is no longer merely something for workplace. It takes competence to live life, to fulfil your potential and take care of yourself and those you care about.

Whether at work or life, it is essential to have a sense of what you need to be competent at, in order to feel fulfilled in your life, given your dream and values.

If your dream is to build a successful business, you’ll need to build competence in hiring, selling, capitalising, making a product etc.

If your dream is to start a family, you’ll need to build competence in listening, being expressive, interdependence, financial planning and etc.

Some of these are more obvious than others.

The more unique your dream, the less obvious the baseline skills.

What is 1 mental model that if you acquired this year and managed to successfully apply to consequential situations that you commonly face, you could 10x your quality of life by end of the year?

The question is a lot more important than the answer. Do you ask yourself questions like that, frequently enough? Because the top 1% of experts do, and the path to exponential growth starts with you having a no BS, conscious relationship with your competence


When’s the last time you said to yourself “I have competence in X, and lack competence in Y”? if you can’t remember it, do it now.

A good indicator for competence, or lack-thereof, is the volume of information you need to exchange when you’re discussing a topic.

The more competent you are in something, the less information you share/need. The less competent you are, the more visuals, explanations, repetition you need.

Talk to me about education and learning and, unless you’ve spent more time than me thinking about this field, I’ll be like “yea yea yea, ok, uh huh, yep. I get it. sure”.